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This is your only warning, browse at ur own discretion xd

welcome 2 da site

Finally getting around to fleshing out the theme. Still have to move some styles around because I want to keep it layout-agnostic, but maybe I'll just give up and merge it all into one file lol, guess you'll have to see.

All the typos on this site happen accidentally and are kept intentionally.

about me

im 25, do art and whatever and like computers and music and stuff like that so pretty generic lmao also im very annoying and im not sorry

More info on the About page because if I were to list all my hobbies here the page would get unreadable lmao

This will be a widget of some sort

You are an imp! You like to take risks and cause mischief. Your friends appreciate how adventurous you are.

What spooky creature are you?